Women's PGA Championship doubles 2022 prize money to record $9m - 8x - English

Women’s PGA Championship doubles 2022 prize money to record $9m

Women's PGA Championship doubles 2022 prize money to record $9m

Defending champion Nelly Corda and a strong British team will battle for a record $ 9 million (£ 7.3 million) at the PGA Women’s Championship this week after the organizers doubled the prize money.

The winner of this year’s grand prize will take home $ 1.35 million (£ 1.1 million) on Thursday at Bethesda, Maryland.

Since 2014, the year before KPMG joined the sponsor, the budget has increased by 300%.

USGA President Jim Richerson said it was part of his “desire to improve women’s golf.”

“We want to make sure we really use this event to showcase one of the best players. And also one of the biggest bags in the game,” he said.

Total awards for the five women’s Grand Slams increased from $ 13.75 million (£ 11.2 million) in 2012 to $ 37.3 million (£ 30.4 million) now.

PGA Commissioner Molly Marco Saman said: “I sent an email to the players before the announcement. Also, it was not given a chance to check all my emails. But yes I did check how many and they were hysterical,” she said.

“There was some ‘shit you know what’ and ‘oh my god’. Then someone said the news came while the kids were eating and suddenly everyone was on the pitch. That was the joke of the dinner.”

But Georgia in England, Jodi Ewart Shadoff, Bronte Law, Charley Hull, Charlotte Thomas and Mel Reid will join Scotland’s Gemma Deer at Country Club Dryburgh. They will compete with Stephanie Meadow from Northern Ireland.

“I’m very happy to be here”

Last year’s champion, Coda, returned to golf at the United States Women’s Open in early June after recovering from a blood clot.

The 23-year-old American Korda was diagnosed with paralysis in his left arm in March. It was after experiencing swelling after exercise and undergoing surgery to remove it in April.

Last week at the Mayer LPGA Classic, she lost in a triple playoff to her compatriot. Moreover, also eventual champion, Jennifer Kupcho, and Leona Maguire of Ireland.

“I’ve not had more than two or three days off since. I’m just happy to play golf here.”

Last update: : June 27, 2022

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