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Wimbledon 2022: Russia and Belarus ban ‘still right’, says tournament boss

Wimbledon 2022: Russia and Belarus ban 'still right', says tournament boss

The general manager of the tournament said the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian players at Wimbledon was the “right decision”, despite the “disproportionate” consequences of the opponent’s failure to score points.

Some players criticized the ban announced after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and then lowered rating points.

“We are very saddened by the impact on individual players. But this year is still the right decision for us,” said Wimbledon manager Sally Bolton.

Bolton hinted in an interview with BBC Sport’s Laura Scott that he hopes the governing bodies of the WTA. Moreover, Tennis Association will change their minds at points before the game on Monday.

“We continue to discuss sports with a column, as we do with the Grand Slam and our other colleagues,” Bolton said.

“So, there’s always a chance to change your mind from the trip.”

Serbian Novak Djokovic is one of those who will be affected by the decision, which may establish Russian Daniel Medvedev as the new No. 1 man for men.

Defensive champion Djokovic, who failed to defend his points last year, described the decision to suspend players from Russia and Belarus as “crazy”.

“We are very disappointed with this decision,” Bolton said, describing the abolition of matching points as “disproportionate.”

Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka said the points elimination made Wimbledon feel like a “show game”.

Bolton believes the list of values ​​”is self-evident, whether it can be treated as a credible event.”

According to UK government policy, Wimbledon introduced the ban to “limit Russia’s global influence”. However, the ATP said it “challenged” the principle. It was that all players “may compete without discrimination”.

Bolton said the decision is “the only applicable option for this year’s tournament” after taking into account “applicable government guidelines”.

Last update: : July 9, 2022

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