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Strangest justifications offered by Jurgen Klopp for Liverpool’s lack of success

On Monday, Liverpool and Crystal Palace played to a 1-1 draw. The Reds were not at their best, and Darwin Nunez’s decision to headbutt a Crystal Palace player early in the second half cost them a man.

After the game, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speculated there might have been a witch in the building because his team had recently suffered a string of injuries:

It was a busy week. Although I’ve had several weeks, that one felt like a witch was in the building, according to Klopp.

“Honestly, someone else pulls up every day for the silliest reasons,”

It’s an interesting perspective on Liverpool’s injury problems, to say the least, but Klopp is used to making odd post-game justifications when his team loses. Here are a few of his finest works.

The breeze

Jurgen Klopp, an old but goldie, has given the wind the blame on several occasions since he joined Liverpool.

The Merseyside derby seems to be where the German seems to blame the wind the most often.

In February 2021, Everton defeated Liverpool 2-0, the Toffees’ first victory over the Reds since 2010.

“You really cannot play football in this heavy wind,” Klopp stated following the game.

The same justification he offered in the March 2019 derby, when Everton defeated him 2-0, was that “the wind was coming from all angles.”

To be fair to Klopp, he has been attributing the problem to the wind since since he initially joined the team in 2015: “The English game is not faster than the German game. There might be a couple more sprints. But because of the climate, the game of football is played differently here. In England, the wind can be fairly strong. You have to keep things simple since we Germans are not used with that.

“Players from outside the UK must adjust to the winds. As a result, I must also modify my footballing style. You are frequently compelled to maintain simplicity. Additionally, there are a lot more duels overall and for the second ball in this area. The game becomes much more intense as a result.

The satirical Twitter account ‘God’ even posted about Klopp’s use of the wind as an excuse in 2019:


Speaking about the Creator, Klopp claimed to hold Him responsible for a defeat over Manchester City last year:

After their loss in February 2021, Klopp declared, “I am confident today that God is a Man City fan and that he would do everything to stop us. “You cannot triumph over God.”

In March 2020, Liverpool was eliminated from the FA Cup by Chelsea. Willian scored Chelsea’s first goal as the Reds fell behind 2-0.

“The first goal, we lose a ball, what was it 18/19 yards in front of the goal?” said Klopp after the game. Life was extremely challenging due to the unique characteristics of the ball and Willian’s shooting style.

Yes, Jurgen, because it wasn’t simply that Adrian wasn’t a good goalie.

opposing players’ injuries

In February 2019, Liverpool and Manchester United squared off. Strangely, Manchester United lost three players to injury in the first half of the match, which ended in a scoreless draw.

This was undoubtedly a significant setback for United, but Klopp made an effort to blame Liverpool’s loss on United’s injury woes: “It’s difficult. It was an odd game. We got off to a great, great start, just how we wanted. Then the crisis related to injuries began.

We clearly lost our rhythm because of that. What the heck is going on now? United played with a brand-new midfield and essentially a new front three. We lost our rhythm and were unable to regain it.

Snow Liverpool has attempted to take advantage of the weather in the past, but it didn’t turn out too well.

The Merseysiders and Leicester met at Anfield in wintry conditions in January 2019. The Reds’ ground crew cleaned snow off the end of the game they were targeting during halftime, leaving the opposite end largely unaffected.

According to Klopp, “there was not enough manpower to clear the entire pitch.” However, it made little difference when Liverpool and Manchester United drew 1-1, and Klopp continued to blame the snow, saying, “You saw that the ball didn’t roll really. If you then possess the ball roughly 70% to 80% of the time, it is really uncomfortable. The only issue would be if it remained on the field, which is what happened.


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