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Sprinter Reece Prescod keen to rediscover ‘golden years’ on return to Birmingham

Sprinter Reece Prescod keen to rediscover 'golden years' on return to Birmingham

Reese Prescod remembers his last visit to Birmingham Alexander Stadium in 2018.

“I just got back from the European Championships, where I won the money in the 100m at a narrow margin, and I want to do better in front of my crowd.

Halfway through he finished fifth, a usually quick finish that brought him home in 9.94 seconds. The smallest difference – milliseconds – separates him from Christian Coleman in first place, but far ahead of Noah Lyles in third place.

The following year, Coleman and Lyles won the world gold medal. Prescod’s way is different.

He suffered a back thigh muscle injury in 2019, a global epidemic devastated 2020, and the 2021 Olympic semi-final started badly.

Apparently, there was some bad luck, but also bad decisions.

In 2021, veteran American coach Mike Holloway moved to practice in Florida in just a few months.

Back in London, Prescod struggled to stay on the straight, narrow roads. Usually, fast food slows it down. A late-night online service search session that distracts him from his posts in the right way.

On Saturday, Prescod returned to Alexander Stadium for the first time since his best performance in four years. She was a member of the Diamond League at the time, she. She’s on her way with the world now, a stranger cannot wait to cause trouble, she.

This weekend, Prescod and his compatriots Adam Camel, Zharnel Hughes and Nethaneel Mitchell Blake will face off against someone who rarely breaks double-digit digits.

Last year, American tribune Bromell won three of the four fastest events in the world with a time of 9.76.

The 26-year-old started the off-season with a score of 9.75 thanks to winds just above the legal limit.

Prescod believes the isolation and unrest that prevented British runners from training and competing overseas is helping their American rivals gain ground.

Current tumors have affected their weight combined in a relay manner in the past. In 2017, Mitchell Black defeated the United States to win the world gold medal. Silver continued in Doha in 2019, before finishing second on the podium in Tokyo.

However, this Olympic medal has disappeared, and its place is empty.

CJ Ujah’s positive drug test took England’s silver medal and strained relations with some of his former teammates.

Prescod, a key member of the Navy since 2016, wanted to intervene. But he also declared himself a friend.

“For me, it’s making sure my skills are right, my discipline is good, and I’m in the final stages. To do that, the best version of Reece has to be on the right track.”

As Birmingham 2018 has shown, the best version of Reece is one of the best ever.

Last update: : June 11, 2022

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