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Spanish Grand Prix: Charles Leclerc takes superb pole for Ferrari after spin

Spanish Grand Prix: Charles Leclerc takes superb pole for Ferrari after spin

Charles Leclerc is under tremendous pressure to recover from the first lap in the final qualifiers in order to head to the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver did well, as the Bull Bulls defeated Max Verstappen to second place.

The world champion was the fastest in the first laps but lost momentum in the last lap. This mean he could not respond to Leclerc’s pace.

George Russell finished fourth with the best performance this season of Mercedes.

Teammate Lewis Hamilton is in sixth place after Sergio Perez of Red Bull. Carlos Saints finished third at home in the second race for Ferrari.

Russell was 0.643 seconds behind the bar after upgrading the race. This put the team in the lead and easing the aerodynamic boom that has plagued them all season.

Mercedes looked more competitive this weekend than any race so far this season, but in the end, even though they were happy to beat the cars of the top two teams, they were not far from the battle.

However, Ferrari and Verstappen drivers were out of reach, while Clark confirmed his place as the king of the F1 qualifiers this season, finishing fourth in six races.

His life was much harder than it should have been when he fired into the last corner of his first 10 laps – his first lap already seemed to top the schedule.

Like this season, the first two are in their league – Sainz is 0.416 seconds behind his teammate in third place.

In the end, Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas won his first three team fights, with Kevin Magnus’ driver dropping to seventh in just 0.074 seconds.

McLaren’s Lando Norris made a splash, apparently to take his place, but the Briton finished in 11th place.

His fastest lap was enough to get him to the final stages of the qualifiers. But he was dismissed in turn 12 because of crossing the track boundary.

It was a disappointing day for Aston Martin and Spanish champion Fernando Alonso.

Aston Martin made a controversial upgrade to its cars over the weekend. Like Red Bull, they accused them of copying their cars and asked if it was legal to do so.

Aston Martin was hoping to finish in the top 10 but his pace slowed as Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll both lost in the first quarter and finished in 16th and 18th place respectively. Finish the race.

Alonso, meanwhile, had the pace he needed to get into the second half of the qualifiers in the Alps. He was late in the final lap of the first quarter. Also he got stuck at the end of the cumulative laps. This forced him to do so in his last attempt to cancel.

Alonso dropped to 17th place as the others improved.

Last update: : June 29, 2022

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