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Premier 15s: Exeter Chiefs beat Bristol Bears in thriller to seal home semi-final

Premier 15s: Exeter Chiefs beat Bristol Bears in thriller to seal home semi-final

Exeter Chiefs defeated those rivals 29-26 to host the Bristol Bears on the final day of their 15th Premier League semi-final.

Despite a later red card from Laura Delgado, the Chiefs won a thrilling Southwest derby and thus finished in second place in the standings.

Defending champion Harlkins will meet again in last year’s final against the pimps in the semifinals.

Queens won her first title when she defeated Sari, who headed the regular season last May.

The two semi-finals will be held on Sunday, May 22nd.

Saracens and Kevin have competed in the previous three finals, and the first finalists for the main event of the season will play at the Sixwise Stadium in Worcester on Friday, June 3rd.

The story of the last day

Jenin de Tibo ran from 40 yards to open the gate for the Chips, then the Bears responded 20 minutes later through Grace Compton. The Amber Reed revolution made the bear market evolve.

Detiveaux took the ball from Patricia Garcia and scored his second goal that day, but the Bears took the lead after Popper passed Sarah Byrne.

The Chips took advantage of the pair and Zackary scored the second of the game. She left the house stuck even after Delgado’s late red card and Lucy Burgas ’attempt from the Bears.

Loughborough Lightning ended the season with an impressive 22-17 victory over defending champion Harlequins.

Queens’ Sarah Beckett blocked Metoga’s first offer before Helena Roland jumped a half plane in England to regain Luburo’s advantage.

Sadia Kabeya advanced to Game 3, but Katy Mew’s s effort reduced the lead to three at half time.

Vicky Cornborough put more pressure on the Chargers in the second half. However, Hale Tofu barely beat the hosts with a goal in the final four minutes.

The Potters made an exciting comeback and finished the regular season with a record, defeating the Hornets 31-26.

Chris Balogon, Brioni Claire and Eli Putman crossed the visitors to a 21-point lead in 30 minutes.

Eighth-ranked Worst Warriors won half a century to beat ninth-ranked Searle Sharks 51-26.

Both sides made two early attempts – Carl Thomas Vicky Lagolin, Amy Oro and Ivy Tonkin sold.

But then, Worcester opened the door, Jed Heckle scored in the first half, Paige Parry and Snide Harris both shot, and Carrie Cox was also included in the leaders table. .

Lizzie Duffy scores a goal to comfort the visitors.

The DMP Durham Sharks ended their season with another humiliating defeat after a 67-0 home loss to sixth-placed Gloucester Hartbury.

Cherry & Whites had 38 points in the first half, Eli Underwood scored twice and Leoko George, Bethan Lewis and Zoe Aldcroft all scored.

The attack continued after the break due to attempts by Rachel Lund, Emma Sing, Lucia Scott and Underwood.

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