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Nigerian government makes U-turn over basketball withdrawal

Nigerian government makes U-turn over basketball withdrawal

The Nigerian government decided last month to retire from international basketball for the next two years.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports said at the time that the reason for the withdrawal was “the endless farce. The farce which almost disrupted the basketball game” in a country in West Africa.

The decision, backed by Nigerian President Muhammadu Bohari, should allow the country to “revive” the sport from below and revive a “dying” local league.

The number dropped after officials from international sports federations held talks with Nigerian youth and Sports Minister Sunday Dara.

The move means Nigeria’s men can continue to qualify for next month’s 2023 World Cup, where they will face Mali, Uganda and Kip Verde in Rwanda.

The D’Tigers won points for the team after the first round last November, and the first three in the team advance to the second round of the playoffs starting in August.

But the news came too late for the women’s team to resume the Women’s World Cup this year.

Transformation “in the spirit of national interests”

His decision to leave world basketball will frustrate players and officials in Nigeria and beyond.

The NBA-Canadian manager of the Toronto Raptors in the NBA, Masai Ojiri, has criticized the league officials.

According to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the meeting with the International Federation has led to a “consensus in certain areas”.

He added that FIBA ​​and Nigeria are committed to “researching and working together to improve relations. They are in favor of developing basketball and emphasize mutual respect for Nigeria’s laws and constitution as a sovereign state.”

In the letter, NBA commissioner Kida said the organization would form a team that “reconciles all rival teams in the basketball family, both local and international.”

Finally, he consulted with President Bohari again and decided to return to China. “President Muhammadu Bohari “responded to the call,” the Ministry of Youth and Sports said in a statement.

The NBBF has now agreed to address the issues that led to its exit in the first place and to Nigeria’s interest. It is in the general spirit of national interest, in our love for our youth. And also to prevent a prolonged disruption in the development of basketballAn immediate return in international basketball.

Nigeria’s sport is facing a protracted leadership crisis following controversial elections six years ago. They are having two parallel bodies competing for the federation’s leadership.

The struggle for control of Nigerian basketball has often disrupted preparations for international competitions. Moreover, it has destroyed the local league in the country.

Keda was re-elected president of the NBBF in January, and Piba confirmed this in March.

Last update: : July 7, 2022

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