Katie Taylor v Amanda Serrano - undisputed lightweight championship - 8x - English

Katie Taylor v Amanda Serrano – undisputed lightweight championship

Katie Taylor v Amanda Serrano - undisputed lightweight championship

If Katie Taylor retires before the London Olympics, we’ll still be talking about the non-contact woman and Ireland’s national hero.

At this point she won four world championships and lost only a few games. We looked back and said he was probably the greatest warrior in history.

“The Greatest War in the History of Women”

Women’s Boxing Katie Taylor. Without them, modern games would be completely different. The impulse of Tyler and Eddie Harn is critical. Anthony Joshua and Taylor are the local stars of Harness.

But if you ask Hern if he previously imagined Madison Square Garden’s main address when he first signed with Taylor, you’ll forget about it. You cannot even ask this question.

This is without a doubt the biggest challenge in women’s boxing. There have been two big fights in the past – Leila Ali and Jacqueline Fraser – and some we have not seen before, like Christy Martin and Lucia Rick – but this is beyond anything that has ever happened before.

Taylor’s first game against Delfina Persoon was perhaps her greatest ever. But Pearson was a Belgian policeman, no matter how big he was. This battle was neither wanted nor sold. But this battle, Cyrano and Tyler, cannot be touched as the greatest battle.

The fight will probably only continue until Marshall takes Shields to the ring. But it’s good for business, right? We do not want it? After Marshall vs. Shields, we can find a bigger battle.

Technically, Taylor is witty. She takes more shots than you think. You can put the cameras on your feet at any stage of the battle and they will be in perfect condition.

You have to sell this fight for 50-50 for two reasons. First, Serrano was good at selling himself. Second, Taylor’s last fight made people see what they thought was wrong.

They think she is slowing down, showing reluctance, hitting her easily, and her mind is somewhere else – maybe everything is true, but not fatal.

I think she’s played really well in recent games. I applaud some of them. Do you look like old Taylor? It’s not, but it does not have to.

I do not think you can cut Serrano’s ear. Whispered, but I think it might look something unusual from Taylor. He is dealing with this situation.

We can only conclude that Serrano is not as threatening as we thought. If we have Tyler against Cyrano, I want him to retire.

Last update: : May 19, 2022

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