Jos Buttler, the captain of England, will speak strongly to his team following a devastating loss to India in the first ODI, according to Eoin Morgan. - 8x - English

Jos Buttler, the captain of England, will speak strongly to his team following a devastating loss to India in the first ODI, according to Eoin Morgan.

In the first ODI of the three-match series on Tuesday, India bowled England out for 110 in 25.2 overs, thrashing them by 10 wickets. Eoin Morgan said: “People will be in that changing room wanting to flinch and wanting an out, but that is the time to lead.”

After England was humiliated by India by 10 wickets in the opening ODI of their three-match series, Eoin Morgan has backed Jos Buttler, his replacement as white-ball captain, to send a clear message to his team.

At The Kia Oval on Tuesday, Buttler’s team was dismissed for 110 runs in just 25.2 overs, setting a record for a bowler against England. Rohit Sharma then smashed an unbeaten 78 from 56 balls to lead India to a convincing victory.

After England lost the previous T20 international series 2-1, Buttler has now lost three of his last four games as permanent captain. Morgan has backed him to maintain his message, stating from experience that this is the time to lead.

I understand how this feels, Morgan told Sky Sports. You concentrate on yourself instead of others, which is not nice.

“Jos, however, will see this as an opportunity to reiterate a very clear and strong message about where they are going and what they are doing in that changing room because of his prior experience both playing and leading.

“People will be wanting to flinch and looking for an exit in that changing room, but that is the time to take the lead.

“You can convey the best message to someone, but if they’re not paying attention, it won’t have any effect. However, I can assure you that everyone in the locker room pays attention when you lose.

At times like this, it is crucial for your leader to convey a clear message, and for your senior players to model it.

Morgan thought back to times when, despite having similarly subpar batting performances, he had maintained his position as captain.

In a 2017 ODI at Lord’s against South Africa, England was 20-6 before battling back to score 153 in a seven-wicket loss, and in an early 2018 match at Adelaide, Australia had Morgan’s team at 8-5 before they eventually scored 196 in a three-wicket loss.

“There were a few instances early in my captaincy, and questions persisted throughout,” Morgan continued.

“We were 8-5 when we played South Africa and Adelaide at Lord’s, I believe.

“People are waiting to say, “Let’s be smarter, let’s pull back in a little,” at those crucial moments. Jos Buttler and his England team don’t want to be there.

“They aspire to be at the top of their game, winning World Cups and being regarded as the best team in the world. That’s what I believe he will say to his side.”

Buttler: Our greatest strength has been batting.

Buttler insisted that his team’s batting is still their “super strength” and won’t be compromised while speaking to reporters following his team’s lopsided loss.

Buttler said, “You definitely don’t want days like this to come. “It’s hard to take because they’ve been hard to find.

“It’s important to maintain your composure and avoid becoming overly concerned or looking for problems. We didn’t manage to handle India’s excellent bowling as well as we would have liked.

But if I think back over the last five or six years, our greatest strength in this form of the game has been batting. Some of the best players we’ve ever had are represented by the names of the men there.

We’ll do our best to learn as much as we can from it, but we’ll stick with what we already know. There is a lot of faith that the players in that locker room are excellent.

We must remain upbeat, return to the field, and make amends when we play on Thursday (in the second ODI at Lord’s).

Nasser: Morgan will be a hard act to follow.

After England’s crushing defeat at The Kia Oval to open the ODI series, Nasser Hussain, a former England captain, praised Bumrah and urged England not to lose hope.

“You can’t really criticise England’s batters, in my opinion. Sometimes you just have to gush about how great bowling is.

“It was laborious, but that was to be expected. Since it is the highest level, batters shouldn’t expect it to always be a walk in the park.

“England’s batters struggled today because it was a good day to be a bowler, but now is not the time to panic in any way.

“It will take time for captain Jos Buttler and new coach Matthew Mott to build their own team and squad because there has been a complete change in management. Eoin Morgan is a very difficult act to follow, let’s face it.


Last update: : July 13, 2022

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