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Jermell Charlo Knocks Out Brian Castano to Become Undisputed Champion

Jermell Charlo Knocks Out Brian Castano to Become Undisputed Champion

American Jermell Charlo became the first undisputed champion in lightweight history after defeating Brian Castano from Argentina in the tenth round.

Jermell Charlo, who lives tonight at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, has become the first undisputed champion in heavyweight boxing.

Brian Castano played well throughout the title race and maintained a solid strategy, but in the end, he failed to match Charlot’s strength.

In the first part of the battle, Castano’s strategy is clear: close the distance and release combinations. Although this tactic was successful to some extent, Charlot always managed to break through Castano’s defensive line. He created many opportunities for counter-attacks. The Argentine fired a few shots but remained steady despite these counterattacks.

In the fifth round, Charlot made a series of straight dedications to equalize. Castano took a step back, obviously the punches were starting to hurt him.

However, even after suffering a heavy punch, Castano continued to fight hard in the pocket. He did a straight kick from Charlot and firing again in his counter-attack.

In the seventh lap, Charlotte really started to control and destroy the opponent’s momentum. Castano continues to release quick combos, but Charlo reads it well and hits a grenade fired after rolling under his fist.

With the start of the tenth round, the fight was close to an unofficial scorecard. Also, none of the fighters seemed willing to hand things over to the judges.

In a forward step, Charlo places his strong right hand on his body, followed by a well-placed left cut. The hook was partially blocked by Castano, but the fist lowered it to his knees.

Castano was still nervous when he got up, but the work went on. When she saw that his opponent was restless, Charlotte went to kill him. He landed on the last left side before a powerful jab knocked Castano down for the second and final time.

Charlot is not only the first undisputed champion weighing 154 pounds, but also the undisputed seventh in the rich history of boxing.

In the end, Charlo was unsure about his next goals and his incredible legacy. Though he hates to lift his weight to 160 pounds and become a champion there.

Last update: : June 8, 2022

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