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U23 Vietnam caused a stir when drawing with Korea U23

Despite being rated higher than the Vietnamese team, Korea U23 could only close the first match with a 1-1 draw. This is the success of the Vietnamese team, Tien Long, teammates and coach Gong before a very strong opponent in Group C of the U23 Asian Cup finals 5/6. The last confrontation between the two teams of U23 Vietnam lost to U23 Korea with a score of 1-3 at Asiad 2018. At this Asian tournament, if they continue to win Vietnam, Korea U23 will continue with No. top rank. Whether the Vietnamese team can successfully reverse course after the last 5 defeats is what many fans hope for. Today’s match both teams have a satisfied coach lineup, although U23 Vietnam has not been able to summon goalkeeper Nguyen Van Toan due to an injury that has not yet recovered.


Vietnam successfully kept a clean sheet in the first half

 The first half of the match took place with an overwhelming attack from the Korean U23 side with dangerous situations such as quick attacks on the right, down the opposite side of the goalkeeper, etc. However, the Vietnamese team had some rolling phases. I sacrificed my life to save the ball, so Korea still did not have an opening goal even though the ball control rate was up to 74%.

In the face of a strong opponent that created a lot of pressure, the Vietnamese players had to constantly encourage each other to stay calm, keep their breathing steady and take advantage of opportunities. Compared to 11 shots from the Korean side, U23 Vietnam only had 2 chances to finish and could not create a surprise after the end of the first half.


The Korean team opened the scoring, but U23 Vietnam excellently equalized

 Nham Manh Dung had a good chance to score a header when he was crossed by Tuan Tai, but unfortunately the ball went wide of the goal.

In an unsuccessful attempt to break the ball, Tuan Tai gave Korea U23 the opportunity to counterattack quickly and dangerously. Striker Young-wook received the ball from the penalty area and skillfully wriggled through Vietnam’s defense to finish the ball into a dangerous corner, opening the score in the 64th minute. This is also the player who opened the table. won for the match against U23 Vietnam at the 2018 Asian tournament.

After the opening goal, coach Gong Oh-Kyun made tactical adjustments, using all his substitutions with 5 players being substituted for strikers Nguyen Van Tung and midfielders Huynh Cong Den, Vo Dinh Lam, Dung Quang Nho and Hai Long.

The Korean player Yin-Yong U23 received a red card, creating a great opportunity for the Vietnamese team to equalize. Another accurate pass from striker Tuan Tai when he crossed the ball to the right.

Last update: : June 6, 2022

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