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Euro 2022: England’s Fran Kirby speaks about ‘relief’ at overcoming fatigue problem

Euro 2022: England's Fran Kirby speaks about 'relief' at overcoming fatigue problem

Frank Kirby said he was relieved to put the Euro 2022 squad to host England after a battle with fatigue.

It was his first time since February to represent Chelsea or England in Kirby’s friendly match against Belgium last week.

Kirby’s condition has not yet been diagnosed though he was selected to England’s provisional 28th squad before the 23rd final.

Kirby contacted England at St. George’s Park and said he needed to train “safely” to prove his fitness.

She still felt that the wait for a call from coach Selena Wegman was “the X Factor”. Though she “did not feel very far from the truth” on the day of the team’s announcement.

Kirby returns to the oxygen tent to get back in shape

Kirby, who played his 55th game for England in a 3-0 win over Belgium, set up an oxygen tent at home to recover over time.

She described the support of Chelsea and England as “unreliable” as she consulted a number of experts but ultimately failed to find the source of the problem.

In addition to consulting several professionals, Kirby sought advice from several sports psychologists and other athletes. It also included a marathon runner and rider – who she said she “could not take” unless he explained why he was absent for a reason.

“They approached me and talked to me by some great people, not just football fans, but [people] from other sports and other competitors who are going through something very similar to me,” she said.

“The fact that you can talk so openly about the situation you are going through is definitely eye-opening for me. Also, there are other people who feel that way and can help you in these situations.”

England will face the Netherlands in Leeds on Friday and set up a training camp in Basel. It is before facing Switzerland in Zurich on June 30.

The Lions will start the Euro 2022 season at Old Trafford on July 6 against Austria.

Last update: : June 27, 2022

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