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England v New Zealand: Late wickets put hosts in charge at Headingly

England v New Zealand: Late wickets put hosts in charge at Headingly

A late goal gave England the upper hand on the third day of Dingley’s third Test against New Zealand.

After helping Jonnny Bairstow’s win a surprising 162 in the first inning, New Zealand quietly thrust the fans who upset England with their bat, 125-1.

But the fall of four wickets for 36 runs in the final session lifted the locals once more as the Black Caps closed on 168-5, 137 ahead.

Jamie Overton scores his first tee shot in ’76 to beat Tom Latham just after suspension – this time due to rain – De Devon Conway slammed Ollie Pope into Joe Root’s short leg.

Then Matthew Potts got the decisive part from captain Ken Williamson, who nodded with 48, while Jack Leach got Henry New Coles (Henry Nichols) and raised 7.

Overton previously defeated Trent Bolt to beat his 1997 debut to come painfully close to his 100th anniversary debut.

England faced a huge backlog in Friday’s first inning, with Bairstow and Overton set up 56-5 and 96 in 18 games. In the end they lost 360 in 67 overs.

After Daryl Mitchell, who has never missed all four corners and has three corners in the series, says New Zealand will hopefully get some comfort, but if it rains more before the scheduled end, they will be luckier.

Entertainment In England Cannot Be Restricted

In the afternoon game, when Latham Williamson teamed up to score 97, he felt New Zealand could get back to normal at any time, in a happy winning streak.


However, England, who continued to attack with the bat in the morning, once again found a way to maintain the momentum of the new era.

Overton activated the change by removing Latham. With the help of Potts’ experts, Devon Conway cast a spell on a bodyguard with his next cannon.

This England team caught the attention of the fans in aggressive ways, and when the goals fell, they felt it was time to make more fuss, with the encouragement of Stokes, Bairstow and Stuart Broad.

England chased after 299 in the last day at Trent Bridge in a second Test, so they were not afraid of a similar goal on the pitch, and it was still a good bat.

England Again on Top

In the final stages after the rain, England won 11 times by three goals to reach the quarter-finals.

The break and coffee break helped break Latham and Conway’s attention, as did England’s poor shot from England.

Unable to reach 50 in the series, Williamson tried to force Potts to push from behind because his neck did not let go, giving Burstow a slight advantage over Ben Fox’s back pain when bodyguards entered.

England had previously passed the new ball to Leach – its first tee-off at the top in a home Test since 2009 – but Potts took the opening and Will Young slipped with his hand for the third time holding the ball.

But the most important support that this surface provides is rotation. New Zealand may regret its decision to skip Ajaz Patel.

Overton denied as England continued to attack

Bairstow was eventually knocked down by the 157th ball in front of him, hitting Michael Bracewell long enough to add a quicker hit.

Bairstow saw Broad dominate 55 of his 44 line-ups and the 36-year-old would attack anything short or full.

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