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England v New Zealand: ‘Jonny Bairstow revels in life on the England rollercoaster’

England v New Zealand: 'Jonny Bairstow revels in life on the England rollercoaster'

When new boss Rob Key asked England fans to pack up and get ready last month, he didn’t even think about it.

On the second day of the third Test, the first-class goal fell so steadily and the English batsman fell so loosely that it was like taking him back to a time when Gareth Southgate was a national hero.

Did their professional approach pass the first reality test in the new regime of Ben Stokes and Brandon McCollum, when England responded 55-6 to 329.

The analysis of Stokes’ death may be accurate, but instead of slowing down, these New Englanders ride a roller coaster in search of the latest excitement.

Despite an early departure, they instead attacked and ended the day with a 264-6-65 deficit in New Zealand that seemed to be over.

Johnny Bairstow run to 130 after 77 centuries of the glorious Nottingham community represents this change.

A naturally aggressive player, he has spent most of his career testing and controlling himself. Now, he has a captain who told him last week that he did not think to keep the ball low.

The Exceptional Results

It is said that as with the British Wimbledon champions, the chances that a test split will score better than a run on the ball are rare. Bairstow twice in 10 days.

First, he broke the boundaries of Bairstow’s bat, took the sailors to the back of the field, released the drive from the bottom up and scooped up Michael Bracewell top.

Then there was Sari’s fast batsman Jamie Overton, who hit Neil Wagner’s foot in 209 innings for 89 runs for just 37 innings. Easy approval became a high level of support, then complete skepticism.

Yorkshire, a place where good style and pragmatism are valued like a pair of sturdy jeans, had rows of spectators – some dressed as Snow White after a night of hard work – insanely called Bell Stowe’s name.


As the noise outside intensified, every time I walked through the hallways of Headingly Media Center, I passed a veteran commentator who shrugged and struggled to figure out what was going on the pitch.

It’s hard to believe that almost five months have passed since Australia’s last humiliation in the ashes, with many of those England players scratched on a Tasmanian night.

Now they look like a carefree bunch of students led by Stokes and Colum – one day enjoying late-night delicacies at fast food in Nottingham, while another at their colleague A was enthusiastic about dropping three of the best bulls in the world. garden.

Things can go wrong – every roller coaster eventually breaks down – but for at least two and a half games, this England team reminds its fans why they love this great game, maybe more than ever when they need it more.

England may still miss the test, but make sure those buckles are tight no matter what.

Last update: : July 8, 2022

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