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Emma Raducanu enjoys straight-sets win over Tereza Martincova

Emma Raducanu enjoys straight-sets win over Tereza Martincova

After days of speculation about the magic card, the 19-year-old has his feet on the ground. Given that Emma Raducanu is leaving coach Turban Ballets after five months this time thanks to her unconventional training. Raducanu continued with a stunning victory in their debut at the Open Madrid.

After a 2-5 loss in the first set and two falls from the opening, Raducanu frequently turned the game around. She showed her adaptability and mental toughness to finish with convincing 7-6 (3), 6-0 wins. Martincova advanced to the second round.

The game was the second between the two teams this month, with Radu Cano defeating Martincova in the first professional game on the Billy Jean Gold Cup clay court. But Madrid’s faster altitude conditions favored Raducano, and Martincova took advantage of that. The Czech did well, knocking down Raducano with a striker and keeping him clean for most of the opening.

But not everyone. Just like in Prague, Raducano showed his best tennis when he needed it most. This time, he completely changed his attitude under pressure. Not only did he start increasing his shot with more head shots, increasing his reach, jumping over the baseline, and consistently dragging Martin Cuba offenses, but his offense also embraced the sand.

Starting the game at Raducano, attacking inside the baseline, trying to change the direction of the line and actually playing like a hard pitch, Raducano slowly pulled Martincova off the pitch and started working on width and angle. In the drop-off rallies that followed, Raducano’s greater movement was the decisive difference in the final game.

Soon, all resistance in the network collapsed. After saving the campaign to level the opener at 5-5, she turned her momentum into a perfect tiebreaker. Raducano ran and won 11 of her last 12 games.

This thoughtful display illustrates well why Raducano is so confident in reading and understanding the game and does not think he needs a famous coach to guide him. It is also to see how he adjusts his game to achieve consistent success on clay as his terrain experience grows.

Raducano later met 19-year-old Marta Kostyuk from Ukraine for the class he grew up with. “When we played in the Juniors, he was always the favorite. People thought he was much better,” Raducano said. “Yeah, it was fun. I played well last year when we played, but I was not great that day. So, it’s going to be an interesting game.”

Meanwhile, Naomi Osaka came back with a hopeful victory over clay and survived a collapse and comfortably defeated Anastasia Potapova 6-3 6-1.

Andy Murray defeated former U.S. Open champion Dominic Thiem in a thrilling game in the first round of the men’s tournament, which began on Sunday.

While Murray was a surprising replacement at Madrid after planning to skip the clay court altogether, Tim returns to tennis after a serious ankle injury and many setbacks. After three games, he still has not won a single game.

Last update: : May 17, 2022

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