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Dina Asher-Smith: British sprinter ‘light years’ ahead of 2019 form

Dina Asher-Smith: British sprinter 'light years' ahead of 2019 form

Dina Asher-Smith said she was “many light years ahead” when she won two world medals in 2019.

The 26-year-old Briton retired last year with a hamstring injury when he thought he could beat the best in singles at the Olympics.

At the recent World Championships in Doha, which Smith won gold in the 200 and 100 meters, he will run a shorter distance at the updated Alexander Stadium on Saturday.

His best time of 10.83 seconds in the 100 meters came in the 2019 final, and which Smith admitted he was disappointed with because the plague and injuries prevented him from showing his progress.

Asher-Smith will compete in the 100-meter dash at the Eugene Diamond League meeting on May 28, and plans to compete in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash when he returns to the U.S. for the World Championships in July.

His ability to compete in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the 2018 European Championships, in which he won three gold medals, will depend on how he survives the race in Oregon.

“From now on, we will definitely think about how the world is going and how I feel because this is a very close comeback,” she added.

Thomas loves to return to Birmingham

Gabe Thomas, who defeated Asher Smith in the 200-meter dash at the opening of the Diamond League last week, was part of the 100-meter dash that missed out on Thursday’s winner of the Elaine Thompson-Hara winner and Tokyo Jamaica Shrika Jackson bronze medalist.

While at Harvard, Thomas has fond memories of Birmingham, where he competed in the city’s college student track.

Since becoming one of the stars on the American stage, last year she became the second fastest woman in the history of the 200 meters after her legendary compatriot Florence Griffith Joiner and won the longest Olympic bronze medal in Tokyo in the distance.

She said she is in better shape than ever at this year’s World Cup.

“Actually yes,” when asked if he was alive.

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