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Danny Dignum v Zhanibek Alimkhanuly: Meet Britain’s interim world title challenger you’ve never heard of

Popular opinion requires modern boxers to spend time creating profiles on social media. However, there is still a minority who see boxing in its purest sense as its only concern.

Danny Dignumfrom Bevers Gifford, Essex, is probably one of them.

The well-trained and undefeated middleweight spoke to BBC Sport after his last training camp with coach Kevin Lilly and before heading out to Las Vegas for the June 21 fight.

He went on to become an amateur and won a number of national titles as the National Medium Weightlifting Champion (ABA) in 2012. He was eventually being selected to represent the UK team.

Still, Southpaw’s path has been the least traditional since becoming a pro in 2016, bypassing regional and national tracks in favor of focusing on international recognition.

Just three years ago, Dignum looked like a potential candidate for the British title. However, he joins Northern Irish boxer Conrad Cummings in the European boxing belt.

“This is an opportunity in itself,” Dignum said.

Dignum put Cummings away with an impressive performance in the fifth round and secured the spot at the top of the WBO rankings. He came out as a minor underdog in the 2019 tournament

After some successful defenses, and now in third place on the WBO, it’s a struggle to call yourself a world champion.

However, all excitement should be realistically conditioned. The task before us seems daunting.

Dignum must adapt to the destruction of Kent Grant Dennis in February to meet the revered Alimkhanuly. This is not only a big upgrade for the competitors, but also a big change for the Las Vegas landscape.

Zhanibek, 29, has a perfect professional record with 11 wins. This includes even in a row, and is a former amateur world champion.

“I know what I’m up against, I know Zhanibek is a very good fighter. He has a good amateur pedigree and has had an impressive career so far.

Last update: : June 29, 2022

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