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Daniel Dubois, Don King and ‘the strangest world title fight

Daniel Dubois, Don King and 'the strangest world title fight

King’s bid defeated Dubois promoter Frank Warren for more than $ 600,000. Under the terms of the award bid set by the International Badminton Federation, whose world heavyweight title is at stake. Du Boise will receive 45% of that amount – more than £ 1.1 million at current exchange rates.

Kim said South Florida could have a potential host city that day, when Miami was selected as the host city, despite the hurricane season that begins in June.

Until recently there were less than two meters of water in the hall. Masses began to flow early Saturday night, with lime from the floodwaters appearing on seats. The couple stood a few feet from the track with wipers and buckets to stop the steady stream of water that seemed to be spilling under the stage.

The promotion, which is considered a “war for freedom and peace”, directly condemns Russia’s abuse of Ukraine, and Kim sees this as an opportunity to raise awareness of the Ukrainian people affected by the conflict. The irony of comparing Dubois’ position here to 1776 is clear.

In his 90s, King is no longer the force of nature he invested in during the heyday of the sport. But at the press conference on Wednesday, he played 90 minutes on the field and barely missed a step. “It’s weird,” Du Boy said after surveying everything.

The Miami experience is everywhere. He spent two weeks at the combat hotel in front of the casino before dividing Brian into four rounds. A few days after his arrival, his coach, Shane McGuigan, introduced an elderly guest to the hotel and rescued him. But it was later learned that he had died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Dubois said he spent most of his time in an “angry” room.

When the battle began, he was fully prepared. No one had booked a car for him to enter the venue, so McGuigan had to order one. Making Dubois perhaps the first to win the world title at Uber Heavyweight.

When he entered the arena around 6:30 a.m. local time, he was forced to play the three national anthems of Ukraine, Britain and the United States before finally passing Brian.

It was a systematic blow to his temperament and proof that he did not allow any external factor to influence his functioning. The few participants of no more than 500 people seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even the man with the bucket stopped peeking.

Last update: : June 21, 2022

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