County Championship: Lancashire collapse to 32-5 against Essex - 8x - English

County Championship: Lancashire collapse to 32-5 against Essex

County Championship: Lancashire collapse to 32-5 against Essex

Essex completely dominated the second day before to secure a tight grip on the county championship game with Lancashire.

A push below 40 overs was possible, but the bowling trio of Shane Snatter, Sam Cook and Jamie Porter managed to do enough damage when Lancashire trailed 32-5.

Snater hit 72, and the visitors added 111 runs in the last three wickets to 391.

Cook and Porter received two knives and a Lancashire senator with the new ball when the rain ended early.

At 280-7, Lancashire was hoping to finish Essex’s batting soon, but Center and Dan Lawrence held them.

They added 54 runs in just 10 overs between short interruptions before Lawrence chipped tamely to mid-wicket for 120.

The English batsman was clearly frustrated despite being forced to bat in the second half of his squad. It was after a quick single that turned things around.

But his departure did not stop the groundbreaking Dutchman towards the second half of the season. No. 9 showed good defense, some good shots and some low-level training to stop Lancashire’s offense, while adding 57 with Cook.

The visitors took their bowling confidence with them as Cook and Porter teamed up for a great opening.

Chef Keaton Jennings put on weight before dropping Porter, Josh Bohnon and Stephen Croft back-to-back and getting Lancashire Dax into all sorts of trouble.

He accurately and skillfully put in a perfect bowling opening spell at 2-5.

And to complete Essex’s day, Snater got in on the act in his only over when Lancashire skipper Dane Vilas dragged onto his stumps for 11.

The Red Roses initially believed he could still beat the Surrey leaders in the Division One. Although they only played 15 overs, they finished the game with an excellent game to avoid a home defeat.

Last update: : June 11, 2022

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