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Championship: Hampshire bowler Keith Barker sends Somerset to heavy defeat

Keith Parker played a key role with a stick and a ball as Hampshire won an incredible 10 in three days in Tunton to beat Somerset.

The 35-year-old left-back Seymour opened with 36 runs to help his side increase their first-ever total from 144-5 to 280 overnight. With 57 by Anurin Donald and 38 by James Fuller.

That gave Hampshire a 69 lead before Parker pulled out a flight and moved from a consecutive opening spell from 13 to 6-27. It was with incredible momentum as Somerset dropped for the first time to 25-6 six before being bowled down.

Felix Organ hit the opening single needed for Hampshire to win their fourth wicket in the second half. This was as his team scored 21 runs against Somerset’s four to give the title a good start.

The day started with a 67 drop in the first inning and hit Somerset early before Ben Brown failed to improve on his late 19th result, before Peter Seidel locked him in the lbw with 152.

The decisive moment came in 195-6 when Craig Overton handed Donald over to Josh Davy in the Valley on the 29. Mistakes that the house can not afford.

Barker gave English forward Jack Leach 26 runs with six and four strokes in the first two innings, giving Hampshire an advantage in the first round.

In Leach’s third hand, Parker was caught between wickets. However, Donald threw Seidel into the half-century with 74 ball before falling for a second new ball.

Kyle Abbott lost cheaply to Overton but Fuller scored four fours and gave Hampshire the win. It was after a poor performance by Somerset with Muhammad Abbas in the last 24 wins a huge advantage.

Overton and Seidel completed four wickets each, but Hampshire went up, with a series of unfortunate shots. This led to a nightmarish draw in the hosts’ second round.

Tom Lemonby was blocked by Abbas while opening partner Matt Renshaw was caught by Parker with a 12-2 LBW.

Tom Apple watched the delivery from Parker and Tom Benton caught Brown before defeating Abbas’ hurried opponent. This left the Hampshire wicketkeeper another victim.

James Halderth hit 18,000 first-class wicketkeeper, but that was Parker’s only contribution when he hit the ball in the all-in.

In a similar interpretation, Lewis followed Gregory and Somerset got into trouble.

Overton helped Steve Davis add 32 before being knocked down in all of Buck’s 13 delivery.

Another loose shot by Abbott in 19, the home team lacks the skills to handle Davis’ swing and torso.

Jack Leach was swiftly concealed by Nick Gabbins after leading from Abbott, and Somerset’s embarrassing punching attempt. This caused him to throw the next sleeves after David equalized with a Barker delivery. Finish with the ball.

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