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BRUNO Fernandez, a midfielder for Manchester United, discusses Erik Ten Hag’s training.

Bruno Fernandes has been talking about the time he spent working out with Erik ten Hag at Manchester United.

Ten Hag, who was appointed manager of Man United in April, has a sizable task ahead of him.

The Red Devils recently finished a season in which they recorded their lowest-ever Premier League point total.

The Manchester team also has a diminished roster as a result of several players’ contracts expiring in June.

Additionally, Manchester United’s transfer activity is relatively sluggish, as has become the norm.

Therefore, Ten Hag’s strategy and preparation will determine whether or not he can compete with the Premier League’s top teams.

As previously mentioned, Fernandes has provided some information about what it was like to train with the former Ajax manager:

Bruno replied, “No, it’s been pretty intense. “He enjoys rigorous training and quick responses when the ball is lost. He likes it when people run.

He has been excellent. Evidently, everyone is having fun. At the end of the training, everyone is exhausted, but we must continue.

“We have to act that way at the conclusion of training, but at that point you know the training was excellent.

“Like I said, we must put in the effort because, if we do it now, we will be prepared for the start of the season.

“We all understand that the first few games of the season are peculiar, but we still want to be the ones to prevail.

We must comply with the coach’s and the rest of the staff’s requests to the fullest extent possible.



Last update: : July 13, 2022

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