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Because football is my life, I picked it above athletics.

Salma Paralluelo has always been aware of her quick reflexes because as a small child, she used to race her siblings around the house. She demonstrated her speed on the school playground as well, and she was so quick that choosing between athletics and football might prove difficult for her in the future.

The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022TM will feature Spain’s Salma playing a prominent position on the wing after she abandoned her track career to concentrate on her football career. The 18-year-old attacker, who recently joined Barcelona, is an important member of Pedro Lopez’s squad.

When I was seven, I started playing both sports, Paralluelo said to FIFA+. “Initially, it was just a game. As I got older, I gradually realised that I was getting better and better.

Paralluelo is noticeable on the field thanks to his height, muscle, and long legs. She is the kind of player that every scout hopes to find with her athletic build. She was a natural athlete who had to say goodbye to her Guinean mother when she relocated to Switzerland at the age of seven in order to find employment and support the family after Paralluelo’s Spanish father lost his job. Since she mainly spoke to her mother on the phone, Paralluelo turned to sports for solace.

It developed become more than just a diversion over time. She had the winning spirit as she set out to run in the morning, and as a result, she won national titles in the 300-meter, triple jump, 60-meter, and 300-meter hurdle events.

She began playing football for Zaragoza at the age of 15, and by the time she was 15, she was sweeping everyone off their feet in the track.

The media started to speculate about Salma Paralluelo’s identity and future plans for her athletic career. However, Salma Paralluelo took her time before making a decision.

She continued, “In the end, I became so proficient that people in one sport recommended I keep to that and others in the other suggested I should stay to that. But I was sure of one thing, and my family was too: I would keep doing both as long as I enjoyed it.

“Sports gave me the independence, exposure, and ability to train independently and with the knowledge that whatever I did was just for me. Though it required a greater sacrifice, that’s what it took. I had a lot of fun with football. Sharing something with the group and my people was fun.

She tried to put off making a choice as long as she could, but when she turned 16, her football career took a serious turn, with first division Spanish clubs expressing an interest in her.

The young girl stated that she was from Zaragoza and that she had very specific plans for her future. Several first division teams were interested in me, but I didn’t think they were a good fit for me. But Villarreal seemed right.

With her mother and father now living together, Paralluelo moved to Villarreal with her family and got media attention as a result.

On a personal level and in terms of my profession, it was a fantastic period for her, she said. I was able to continue playing both sports and be a part of a fantastic team.

She did not perceive the sacrifice as great because she enjoyed sports. I adored practising for football and participating in athletics. Although I had to miss out on socialising, I was following my heart.

Paralluelo played a key role in Spain’s 2-1 victory against Mexico in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2018TM final as a member of the team. Her teammates gave her the nickname “Usain Bolt” during that contest, and she lived up to it by winning gold medals in the 400-meter hurdles and 400-meter relay in the European Youth Olympic Festival the following year. She was just unstoppable due to her lightning-fast speed.

According to Paralluelo, “I always pictured myself striving for the best in both sports.” “I wanted to continue performing them for that reason.

“I’ve been told that my body is built for athletics, but in football, they say that I have amazing fitness and a terrific physique, as well as the ability to learn when it comes to training. I have always felt completely in both.

Then her body began to signal, and she started to sustain wounds. They were doubly painful because they prevented her from participating in track and pitch. She had to decide between a career that would last as long as a marathon or as short as a 100-meter sprint because becoming famous requires endurance more than ascent. She could no longer put off making it.

She explained that the key to success is to dedicate oneself to only one sport, which is how things worked out that particular year. “It was difficult for me because I wasn’t able to return to my athletic activities after my injury and didn’t recuperate well from it. But if I had continued, I would have gained less than I would have lost.

Paralluelo, who Jorge Vilda unexpectedly selected for his 23-player squad for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, was forced to withdraw from the competition due to an injury, but she received some good news when Barcelona signed her, allowing her the chance to play alongside her idol, Alexia Putellas.

Even though she hasn’t trained with the team yet, the winger is excited for the opportunity: “I’m going to learn a lot in that changing room. I’ll get better at playing because of the tough training sessions.

It’s possible that Paralluelo will qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023TM if she makes the improvements she intends to. How far might she advance now that she is a full-time player after making a name for herself in Spanish football despite only devoting half of her time to the sport?

She knows she will be staying in San Jose until the tournament is over on August 28 after starting two games at Costa Rica, scoring against the tournament hosts, and assisting on Spain’s game-winning goal against Mexico. Paralluelo is having fun and getting ready to take on Netherlands.

Everyone wants to play in the championship game, and we’ll work hard to get there, she said. “We must adequately get ready for the upcoming game. We’ll be exerting every effort because we want to set a record.

Paralluelo knows she made the right choice given the stage she is now in: “Football is my life. It’s how I live, how I have fun, how I express myself. Sports are everything.



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