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BBL play-off finals: Leicester Riders target glory

BBL play-off finals: Leicester Riders target glory

Leader Rob Paternostro says Leicester Raiders have a chance to “be one of the big ones again”. It is if they beat the London Lions in the NBA Finals on Sunday.

The driver, who has already won trophies and titles, completes a hat-trick if he wins at the O2 Stadium in London.

Due to his success, Paternostro was named Coach of the Year for the seventh time.

“Everyone will be happy to be there,” Paternostro said.

“London is a great team. If we look at the teams we played in the league this year, the most talented team we have played against so far.

He added today to the BBC East Midlands: “They too are playing in their backyard. It has to be a big game.”

The dominance of the Paternostro driver is best expressed in the year-round squad of three Leicester players. They are Patrick Willen, Darren Nelson Henry and Gino Willen, who is recognized as the league’s player of the year. Krendell has been selected to the League for the second year in a row.

If the riders complete the triathlon on Sunday, it will be the fourth time the club has done so.

“The league is probably as strong as it was when I was here,” said Paternostro. said. “Well, I think it made him a little uncomfortable.

“It’s hard to decide, but if we win on Sunday, this team will definitely be one of the best teams in history.”

London – led by BBL striker Isaiah Reese, the only Lions player to be named to the team this year – defeated Bristol Flair and scored at home in the main event.

Lions coach Nickil Laurie said he “loved our chance” with the team well-equipped against the Cavaliers.

“It means it’s over,” he told the club’s website.

“When the season started, we had goals in Europe and the BBL, and at the top of the list, we moved to O2 Stadium for our last game this year.

“We have a long way to go, but that’s what basketball is all about. Winning big championships on the big stage.”

Last update: : June 11, 2022

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