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Barbieri: We’re eager to bring home a first championship for Brazil.

Dad Pipo worked as a goalie. Mom Kaciele was the same way. In the sticks, Brother Henrique plays futsal professionally.

Gabriela Kasper Barbieri was only ever going to play one position, right? Not exactly.

On the futsal fields where she was raised, Gabi tried to imitate Marta and Neymar’s abilities and goals. The coach then instructed his players to alternate playing in goal after the goalkeeper failed to show up for a training session. She hesitantly acquiesced regarding Gabi’s.

The trainer called Gabi over at the conclusion of the workout. She expected a good time. Tell your dad to get you a pair of gloves instead, he pleaded. The request was not favourably received by Pipo.

The life of a goalkeeper is too complicated, he told me,” Gabi Barbieri remembered to FIFA+ with a chuckle. He claimed that the goalkeeper always exercises the most, endures the most pain, and receives the most criticism. He opposed my interest in goalkeeping.

Barbieri was nonetheless obstinate, and Pipo gradually realised that his daughter was good—really good.

So good, in fact, that by the end of 2017, when Gabi was just 14 years old and still playing futsal, she was persuaded to switch to football and relocate 140 kilometres away to pursue her new sport.

She admitted, “I bawled my eyes out the first few days.” “My family and I are quite close, and I really missed them. I miss them now, but when you’re a kid, it’s incredibly difficult.”

Although adjusting to life apart from her family was challenging, learning a new sport wasn’t. In 2017, she revealed, “I began playing [11-a-side] football. In the middle of the year, the Seleço called me up.” “When I learned, I just couldn’t believe it.”

After that, bliss quickly changed to misery while Barbeiri was still buzzing. She suffered an anterior cruciate ligament tear and missed nine months of work. Upon her return, catastrophe struck. She repeated her ACL.

“It was definitely sad when I first sustained my injury, but I was focused on healing and returning as quickly as I could. But I was distraught when I hurt myself again.

I spent a few days at home. I didn’t want to play football again. My desire was to remain with my family. For me, it was a very trying moment. I considered quitting football and enrolling in college.

“But my family, my friends, and the club I was at all supported me. They pushed me to pick up football again. Thank God they did, else I wouldn’t be here to experience this incredible opportunity and strive to make history with the Seleço.

A reference to the 10th FIFA U-20 Women’s World CupTM is made by the 19-year-old. In all four of their tournament qualifiers and all four of their games in Costa Rica, she played a key role in helping them keep seven clean sheets.

Yes, I’m pleased with that run, Barbieri stated. But there weren’t many of those 11 games where I needed to make a lot of saves. The entire squad puts a lot of effort into making sure we don’t give up goals, and I have a fantastic defence in front of me. However, it goes without saying that every goalie enjoys keeping a clean sheet, therefore I appreciate all of my teammates.

Barbieri shouldn’t attempt to defend her goal against what is perhaps Costa Rica’s deadliest striker combination, which includes Yuzuki Yamamoto and the brilliant Maika Hamano.

The Internacional No. 1 described them as “a pretty good all-around team.” “They’re incredibly powerful and nice. This World Cup game is among the hardest you could possibly play in. However, we are well prepared. I believe we’ll play hardball with them and succeed.

Japan advanced to this round via a shootout, but Brazilian supporters will feel quite optimistic if their semifinal is decided on penalties. Barbieri, like another player who started his career at Porto Alegre powerhouses Inter, the famous Taffarel, has established a reputation as a spot-kick expert.

Barbieri said, “Funnily enough, I’ve never liked taking punishment.” “I’ve never wanted to do that.

“However, after facing them once, I realised I was good at saving them. I therefore started learning and practising them.

“However, I believe we can complete the task without incurring fines. I feel very confident. We are all really assured. Although we are aware of the challenges ahead, we are well-prepared and confident that, with God’s help, we will bring home Brazil’s first women’s championship.

Wouldn’t it be a remarkable rise for Barbieri to go to the top of the podium in Central Valley after experiencing everything she has after starting out in Descanso, a town of only 8,000 people?

Being here is an incredible feeling, she remarked. “When I was a child, I could never have imagined going through what I’m going through right now. It’s challenging to comprehend.

“I’m overjoyed. I’m even more delighted to be representing Santa Catarina and my city. It’s overwhelming how much support I receive from everyone back home. Not just for myself, but also for the development of Brazilian [women’s] football and all the supporters back home, I’m desperate to help the Seleço win the championship.


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