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Amir Khan: Former world champion says he feels more appreciated following retirement

Amir Khan: Former world champion says he feels more appreciated following retirement

The Briton Amir Khan said he always wanted to be the “People’s Champion”, and he was even more appreciated by boxing fans after his retirement.

The former world champion and Olympic silver medalist finished his 17-year career last week.

“I never thought it would happen. You may get more respect when you retire than when you practice.”

Speaking of his legacy, Bolton-born Khan said: “I have never been afraid to fight.

Happy retirement – but open to exhibitions

Khan’s last fight was a knockout in the sixth round of his rival Kyle Brock, who retired earlier this month, when the former world champion finally settled one of the longest clashes in the history of British boxing.

“I cannot leave the sport without fighting Kyle Brock because that’s what everyone wants.”

Khan’s only regret is that it did not happen so quickly, but despite the loss, he believes it was a worthy end to a glorious career.

“It’s a little late, but it is,” he said. “Besides, I’m happy with my career. What I did in sports and what I left behind in sports.

“A lot of people say you can’t lose this fight. But I went out and raised my hand in such an honest way that I don’t have it anymore.

“If I did not have the reflexes, I could not see the fist in front of me. I was caught by the camera which is not easy to catch.

“Well, I think maybe it’s time to release it. I cannot stand it anymore – that’s it, man.”


Khan did not refuse to play a showcase game at a later date, but said it would depend on the situation and the number of rounds required for the game.

“I will never go to a full training camp again,” he added. “My body is broken and broken.

“But how long do you have to train for a demonstration battle? Maybe two or three weeks. I could think of that, but I do not want to go to the gym now.”

“I had to give up after losing to Canelo”

Khan ended his career with 34 wins and six losses after becoming a pro in 2005.

One of those losses came against Saul ‘Canelo Alvarez in 2016, when Khan was eliminated in the sixth round after going up in two heavyweight divisions and competing for the Mexico WBC middleweight title.

“After the battle of Canelo,” he said, “I thought maybe I should have done it, maybe I should have done it.”

“But I didn’t do it. I loved the sport so much that I had a hard time leaving at the time.”

According to rumors, British rival Conor Benn is a future competitor as Khan is considering the possibility of a rematch with Bullock. But he said no amount of money could change his decision.

“There’s nothing that will encourage me to say ‘yes, I will.’ It’s hard for me to stay in the game. I do not want to be there, bro.”

Khan, however, plans to stay in the sport as a cheerleader and mentor for the young fighters.

“We have set up my promotion company, we have signed young fighters, and I am going to do a great thing in America, which I will announce in the coming months,” he added.

Last update: : June 10, 2022

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